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If there is any unresolved privacy policy that we have not mentioned below, you are free to contact us at any time. Hindstone is devoted to your privacy.  This privacy policy shows the use, collection, sharing, and protection of your personal information.


This privacy policy applies to whether it is through the computer, laptop, mobile or any other electronic device connected to the internet. We have the right to modify and amend the privacy policy at any time. We will announce the changes through the website and by visiting the website you agree to the terms and condition. To know the changes, visit here periodically.

2. The personal information we collect

Personal information is the distinctive information of a person. Through this, we can identify a natural person with the unique name and other details such as contact number, address, online identifier, demographics, economic, mental and physical identity.  We collect this information when you use our services.

3. How we use your personal data?

We basically use your personal data to provide you with better services. It is used to fulfill what your needs are and to make any improvisation based on your feedback. Your personal information is very helpful to us for knowing the real demand, taste, preferences and other needs of the customers. It also helps to detect, prevent and mitigate the risk of fraud and illegal activities

4. Your choice of providing information

You always have a choice not to provide your personal information. We have areas which are mandatory to fill and there are areas which are optional for you to fill. You can always opt out from our data bank.

5. Ways you can control your personal information

We know the importance of personal information and we respect your right to correct, access, delete and restrict the information provided by you. Also, it will be applicable according to the present law. We also try to ensure that the information data we have is accurate and up to date.

You have the right to disclose only that information that you want us to know.  You can always maintain that much amount of data with us that you want to. Even if your personal information is not complete with us, you can always update that with us. You also have the right to object. Even if there is nothing you want us to maintain about you, you can always opt out ask for deletion.

6. We may share your personal information is a branch of Hindchef. There are many other branches of Hindchef as well. By visiting our website you agree that your personal information will be in the data bank of Hindchef as a common. Your information can be shared with all other branches of Hindchef.

In the other case, or Hindchef can share your personal information if in need according to the applicable law. This is important in case of any illegal and fraudulent activity where disclosure of information to the government and law officer is mandatory.

We retain your personal information as long as it is needed for the free flow of goods and services on your request and for other critical purposes such as legal compliances, for resolving the dispute and for easy enforcement of policies.

7. Cookies

When you visit our website, we use cookie to know you better. Cookies are tiny files which are stored in your browser through internet. These help us to provide you faster and secure experience. These help you easy access without entering your details again and again. These are stored on your device for as long as you use the device. You can always delete or disable cookie but we recommend you to keep it. You can manage your cookie preferences in your browser setting.

8. How we protect your personal data?

We know the importance of your personal data and we respect that you trust us on that. and its branches have strict safeguards to protect your data from leakage. There are measures to mitigate the risk of misuse, loss and unauthorized access. This is done by keeping your physical and electronic data safe with the help of encryption, physical access safety, and firewalls.

Your online payments credentials are fully secured. Hence shop on our site fearlessly. Your information is fully protected by 3 D secure payment gateways.

We protect your transaction ID number for future in case of any legal tussle.

Hindchef understands the privacy maintenance. To prevent any breach, the unauthorized access, we follow strict cyber laws for maintenance of data accuracy and to make sure the correct use of the information, we have safety measures that ensure your data is completely safe with us. This includes firewall, cookies, encryption, and physical access measures.

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